OC Industry Icons_Driveways & Workshop Floors

Driveways & Workshop Floors

5:1 ratio

Spray or bucket and broom floor, let sit for 10 minutes and hose or pressure spray off. Agitate with brush or broom.

OC Industry Icons_De-greasing Motor Parts

De-greasing Motor Parts

5:1 ratio

Spray on or soak in solution, agitate with paint brush or similar rinse off in water. Can be used in a dipping tank to soak parts. Will not damage aluminium parts like caustic degreasers.

OC Industry Icons_Rusted & Frozen Bolts

Rusted & Frozen Bolts

5:1 ratio

Soak in solution for 2 to 3 minutes, scourer stubborn areas and rinse.

OC Industry Icons_Scuff Marks

Scuff Marks

5:1 ratio

Soak in solution for 2 to 3 minutes, remove with a dry absorbent towel.

OC Industry Icons_Masking & Sticky Tape Residue

Masking & Sticky Tape Residue

5:1 ratio

Spray on to surface, place tissue paper over residue and respray allow to sit for five minutes and simply rub off.

OC Industry Icons_Panel Shops

Panel Shops

One cap of concentrate into wet rub bucket, eliminates static, silicone and oils build-up. prevents fisheyes, swirls and bubbles. Removes: overspray off brake and tail lights, tyres, glass and interiors, silicone or door jams, tyres and interiors.

OC Industry Icons_Cutting Compound

Cutting Compound

5:1 ratio

Mix into compound instead of water to eliminate buff and swirl marks.

OC Industry Icons_Welding Spatter Guard

Welding Spatter Guard

10:1 ratio

Apply a mist over the whole to be welded. Weld directly over area No nasty silicone smoke or greasy residue, ready for painting or powder coating.

OC Industry Icons_Glass & Mirror Defogging

Glass & Mirror Defogging

10:1 ratio

Mist over area to be defogged. buff area dry with absorbent paper towel, area should remain defogged for up to 5 days. Also works on perspex. Ideal for ski & welding goggles, safety glasses, scuba masks and grinding masks.

OC Industry Icons_Nicotine Build-Up

Nicotine Build-up

10:1 ratio

Spray on solution allow to sit for I to 2 minutes and remove with clean dry cloth.

OC Industry Icons_Fibreglass Surfaces

Fibreglass Surfaces

10:1 ratio

Spray on solution allow to sit for I to 2 minutes and remove with dry absorbent towel. Removes rust and weather marks on boats. Also great around the water line to remove sludge and canal grime.

OC Industry Icons_Car Wash

Car Wash

100:1 ratio

Mix 1 to 2 cap fulls into bucket, wash normally. Helps to reduce streaking when drying.

OC Industry Icons_Paint Oxidation

Paint Oxidation

10:1 ratio

Cover area to be cleaned, buff area with clean dry cloth.

OC Industry Icons_Brake Dust

Brake Dust

10:1 ratio

Spray on solution allow to sit for 5 to 10 minutes and remove with pressured water.

OC Industry Icons_Exhaust Stains

Exhaust Stains

10:1 ratio

Spray on, wipe off duco for a clean finish.

OC Industry Icons_Silicone & Urethane

Silastics, Silicone & Urethane

10:1 ratio

Spray product and remove excess with rag. Spray again and rub on the spot.

OC Industry Icons_Carpet & Upholstery

Carpet & Upholstery

20:1 ratio

Removing stains from carpet and upholstery. Spray 5 to 10 cm from stain, agitate area with spray nozzle and absorb stain with clean dry cloth.

OC Industry Icons_Plastics


20:1 ratio

Spray on solution allow to sit for 2 minutes and remove stains with clean dry cloth.

OC Industry Icons_Carpet Steam-Shampoo

Carpet Steam / Shampoo

20:1 ratio

Apply directly Into tank and spray as normal, (solution can be varied to suit pressure), more pressure = less solution. pre-spray stubborn stains and clean as normal.

OC Industry Icons_Windows, Glass & Mirrors

Windows, Glass & Mirrors

100:1 ratio (one teaspoon)

Apply solution directly onto surface and polish as normal.

OC Industry Icons_Chrome & Stainless Steel

Chrome & Stainless Steel

100:1 ratio (one teaspoon)

Apply a mist over the whole area intended for polishing. Shine with clean dry cloth.