The Ultimate Concentrated Citrus Cleaner

Why Buy Olympic Cleen?


Olympic Cleen is a trusted name through-out Australia.

Olympic Cleen is effective to use on regular house-hold surfaces, as well as specialised commercial and industrial applications.

When it comes to versatility, cost and most importantly results, Olympic Cleen out performs other cleaners.

Try Olympic Cleen now, and be amazed at  the unbelievable results.

Imagine one bottle that cleans every single surface in your house, saving you space, time, money and effort.


Olympic Cleen is about turning dollars and cents into real sense.

Why pay for the bottle and water every time you go to the shop?

Based on a 20 Litre purchase, cost can be as little as 18c per 500ml refill (depending on dilution strength )


Non-Flammable, No Bleach, No Ammonia, No Caustic and Non-Flameable

Safe to use on all your assets, eliminating toxic fumes that make cleaning a really unpleasant job.

Most products purchased are limited to what you can use them on because of what is in them.

Oven cleaners damage fabrics or leather because they are caustic.

Shower cleaners damage certain items by bleaching them.

Cream cleaners scratch shiny surfaces because they are abrasive.

Olympic Cleen has no ammonia, bleaches or abrasives, therefore it will not damage the surface.

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