Olympic Cleen are on the look out for exporting opportunities in every country across the Globe.

Our goal is to export Olympic Cleen at wholesale prices leaving plenty of room for large profit margins for the importer.

With Olympic Cleen sold as a concentrate the importer makes great cost savings by not paying to import water…..just add water in your country.

Olympic Cleen makes it easy to build a business around creating great remunerations in return for your investment.

Our company, Citrus Base Cleaning P/L, uses an independent manufacturer that have a state of the art mixing facility and a fully equipped laboratory located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  This manufacturer follows strict guidelines set by Olympic Cleen to ensure our product meets with Australia’s strict manufacturing standards.

We Ship Olympic Cleen in 200 Litre or 1000 Litre drums or by the shipping container load!

Please Contact Us for details on how you can have this amazing product in your Country now!


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