February 14, 2017

About us

About Us

Citrus Base Cleaning Australia Pty Ltd

Olympic Cleen

Citrus Base Cleaning Pty Ltd is an Australian made, owned and operated company based in Geelong, Victoria.

Established in 1997 by Rose Te Iringa, Citrus Base Cleaning Australia Pty Ltd is proud to be the supplier of Olympic Cleen.

Rose started her career in sales at age 18, travelling overseas and with her friendly, genuine and out going personality she quickly became the number one sales agent with success selling in Taiwan, Thailand, America, Fiji and New Zealand.

Rose’s exceptional sales skills lead her to manage and train large sales teams for the next  decade with outstanding results in her sector.

On return to Australia in the early 90’s Rose harnessed her skills and vast knowledge she gained abroad in selling and founded Citrus Base Cleaning Australia Ptd Ltd.

The Olympic Cleen brand has grown from strength to strength with Rose travelling across Australia and personally demonstrating the amazing cleaning power of Olympic Cleen from business to business, client to client.

Rose has grown her client base to over hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide and supplied over one million litres of Olympic Cleen to satisfied customers. Many of Roses customers are still purchasing Olympic Cleen regularly for over 20 years which speaks volumes for the quality of the product.

Rose has over the last two decades developed a vast and expert knowledge in all industries regarding the application of Olympic Cleen to solve a multitude of cleaning issues that thousands of customers have presented in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

    “Olympic Cleen has been Citrus Base Cleanings feature product, nation-wide for nearly three decades and the positive response to Olympic Cleen has been both over-whelming and humbling.

It is easy to sell something you feel good about and believe in, especially when you know how fantastic Olympic Cleen is and how people comment it is the best product that they have ever used.

This has been a wonderful experience for me and I would like to share that experience with others. ” Rose TeIringa


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