1. What is Olympic Cleen made of ?

Olympic Cleen contains D'lemonine; a citrus solvent made from the skin of citrus fruit, alkaline salts, surfactants and conditioners.

2. Is Olympic Cleen caustic or acidic ?

     No Caustic, Non Acidic.

3. Does Olympic Cleen contain ammonia or bleach ?

     No Ammonia, No Bleach.

4. Is Olympic Cleen bio-degradable ?

     Olympic Cleen meets the Australian standards for bio-degradability.

5. What can’t I use Olympic Cleen on ?

     Not recommended for Silk, Suede or Satin.

6. What’s the recommended dilution ?

     The dilution varies depending on the task. Please refer here for further information

7. How many bottles will Olympic Cleen make me ?

    One litre of Olympic Cleen makes on average between 20-50 bottles depending  upon the dilution strength that you mix it at.

8. What happens if you get Olympic Cleen on your skin and should I use gloves ?

     Rinse off with water. Avoid skin and eye contact (flush with water and contact your local medical centre or call the poisons information hotline) and wear gloves when diluting the product.

9. How can I pay for Olympic Cleen ?

     EftPos is available for credit/debit cards over the phone or online. You may also post a cheque or direct debit into our account.

10. Can I get more

       Re-order online or call our freecall number 1800 805 852

11. Is it Australian made and owned ?


12. What sizes is Olympic Cleen available in ?

       Available in many different sizes, from 1 litre to 1000 litre containers.

13. Can I purchase Olympic Cleen in bulk ?

    Olympic Cleen bulk orders reduce the price considerably. Please contact if you require orders larger than displayed on the website.

14. Can I purchase more spray bottles ?

     Yes additional spray bottles are available for $4.00 each at time of purchase or order anytime.

15. Is there a money back guarantee ?

      Yes we provide a thirty day money back guarantee from date of purchase.

We do not cover the cost of return to the supplier.

You will need to send all your remaining product and spray bottles back to our head office.

Once your order has been received and processed, your refund will be credited through your card issuer or financial institution.

16. Is Olympic Cleen a sanitiser or disinfectant ?

      Olympic Cleen is not a sanitiser or disinfectant, how ever it works well along side these products.

17. What shelf life does Olympic Cleen have ?

      If stored correctly Olympic Cleen will last for years.We recommend that you use it within two years from purchase to maintain maximum product performance.

18. Can Olympic Cleen go into a septic system ?

       Olympic Cleen is safe for all septic tanks.

19. Will Olympic Cleen damage anything ?

      Olympic Cleen should be tested in an inconspicuous spot first if you are unsure of the product on the surface. Please refer to our handy hints page for more information.


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